Premium quality

Attractive pricing


Nordic design


Value investment

The House of your dreams

… is now a reality.
Green Sun Villas combine the quality of modern Scandinavian design with the technology of the future. We offer a spacious house with all the comfort of a modern home. Built to last for generations!

The house is made entirely from premium materials that are certified by international organisations. The walls, roof, windows and doors are manufactured by Scandinavian suppliers carefully selected by Green Sun Villas. Efficient Scandinavian sourcing enable us to offer a top-quality house at an inexpensive price.

Many exclusive features are always included in our houses. Examples: Walls and roof insulated against heat/cold and noise. We use only energy windows with UV-radiation filter and laminated safety glass. Available extra features include solar power supply, WiFi and much more.

the house

Unique benefits of the Green Sun Villa

High tech walls and windows

Your villa will be cool during daytime and comfortable at night.
Our walls combine fibre cement with a layer of high-tech insulation material. The result is a high-strength wall with insulation against both heat and sound.
All windows have laminated safety glass. High-performance glazing blocks 60% of the sun’s UV radiation.


Indoor climate and solar energy

The villa is built from environmentally friendly materials that create a healthy indoor climate. And our solar panels will provide your house with enough power for your daily needs.


Scandinavian quality

All main building components are manufactured in Finland under strict quality control. All parts are carefully designed to ensure an efficient building process of very high standard.


Quick delivery and no waste

Most of your house is produced and prepared for assembly already before leaving Scandinavia. We thereby avoid wasting expensive material which means you benefit from a lower price. It also helps protect the environment.



The villa offers several rooms, lots of space and a cool and comfortable indoor climate.
Choose your house to be delivered with solar panels. You can then operate aircon, freezer and other house appliances at very little cost.


The Concept and how it’s done

Who we are and why we do it

NPV develops residential and commercial properties.

Insight is the foundation for all our activities. We focus on creating efficient solutions by combining the most experienced forces with the most innovative ones. The result is buildings and solutions that functionally and aesthetically manage to combine the latest advances with the best of Nordic building tradition.

We are passionate about our products as well as our customers and it shows in the level of service that we provide. We are always happy to help find the solution for your needs. If a solution does not already exist, we will create a new one that resolves your issue.


We answer any questions you may have about our products and experience. Reach out to us and we will respond as soon as we can.