About us.

About us

Green Sun Villas (GSV) is a Ghanaian conglomerate. The company was established in 2016. It has expanded from real estate development into areas such as construction, distribution and production of building materials.

We are a labour intensive business. We rely on our local employees skills, commitment and happiness. If you want to join us, please email via get In touch under each business’ website.

We try to balance our European corporate culture with that of West Africa. We strive to respect countries, people and cultures while doing business.

We work in Greater Accra, Ghana. Africa is rising and we try to rise with it. As we evolve and solve problems more business areas and locations will likely be added. 

The company is owned by it’s Danish majority shareholder GD Development, the management and a European minority shareholder.

Visit GD Development’s Danish Sister’s Website npv.as