Accra – Blue Lagoon Estate

Luxury you can Afford

The Blue Lagoon is a small but highly exclusive Estate with six beautiful villas located in a closed and secured compound in the area of East Legon Hills.
All houses are built according to Scandinavian quality standards and are Ghana’s first inexpensive homes to offer a true Scandinavian level of comfort and style.
The entire project has been Scandinavian led and supervised by European professionals who have monitored the daily building activities to the smallest detail. Each house is built to last a lifetime (and more).

Each unit has parking space for two cars. Two of the units even feature a covered carport.

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The Choice of Pleasure Seekers

The villas are designed for the small but outgoing family or couple who enjoy relaxed living in Scandinavian style.
All six units have different layouts. Number of bathrooms and bedrooms vary between two and four.

Kitchens are delivered by Casa Trasacco and Kaiser. Bathrooms are equipped with solutions and fixtures from the quality leading brand Jaguar.



Unique qualities

  • High-end appliances and installations.
  • Electricity saving.
  • Top quality windows with safety glass and UV filter.
  • Parking space.
  • Durable – built to last!
  • Scandinavian technology and style


Saving Electricity and Costs

The villas represent an extraordinary level of assembly quality, and they are built for optimising energy efficiency. This ensures superior comfort and a reduced electricity bill. Calculations show that a typical household will achieve 50% savings on electricity consumption if comparing to a similar house built with conventional technology.

An insulated house is faster and cheaper to cool down and stays cool for much longer. It is also better sound-proofed and feels much more comfortable. Energy efficient appliances and LED lights contribute to further savings in everyday use.


The Estate and its Community

The six villas are elegantly arranged in its own gated community with 24/7 guard surveillance. The villas are equipped with laminated safety windows so the entire estate enjoys a high level of security without compromising aesthetics.

The Estate has its own water supply system with well and water towers. Waste water is collected in large underground septic tanks to prevent smells and pests.


Blue Lagoon Estate is located in the fast-growing area of East Legon Hills, well located to reach Accra city centre, Tema and the airport.

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Blue Lagoon Estate brochure

Get your Blue Lagoon Estate brochure with further details for each villa here