Green Sun Villas Technical School

At GSV, we do not only build homes; we build and train young men and women into professional bricklayers.

We are proud to say our first set of students are currently undergoing their graduation exams. Speaking in an interview, Mr. Tore Bredtoft, Chief, Building Operations of Green Sun Villas homes and Head of the Green Sun Villas Technical School was asked what motivated him into starting the Technical School. He said “Well, it was difficult to find high skilled bricklayers here when I started to build the homes for GSV. Ghana doesn’t have a big tradition for bricks, so I decided I will educate them myself, I have worked with bricks and design all my life and I have big passion for brickwork.”

He further went on to say that his vision is to educate students to have high skills, become proud bricklayers with high standards so as to enable them also teach the next batch of students.

Some students of the school are happy and satisfied with how much they have been able to learn in barely 2 years. One student said “I am a musician and I have my videos on Youtube. As a youth, you must do more things to secure your future”. When asked how prepared they were towards the exams, the response was positive as students were not nervous but rather enthused that they will come out successfully.

Speaking, Geoffrey – a student, mentioned that although the job might not be mainly a lady’s job, it would be nice to have ladies join in the training. After all, what a man can do, a woman can do even better.

In a final statement, Mr. Bredtoft said Ghana is blessed with clay therefore we should try to build using materials that can be produced here on our own soil. He said “A well-built brick house can last for generations with low maintenance. Yes, I am sure it will sell and we will sell more brick houses in the near future”

We wish all students in the Green Sun Villas Technical School success in their ongoing exams.